Great Jazz and Improvised Music Programming

About Us

EulipiaJazz isn't just a production company,   The notion of being a member of a special tribe of creative beings is at its core.   We are all Eulipions and we are connected through our shared love and dedication to our forms of creative process.  

EulipiaJazz was created by Scott Samenfeld to provide a way to brand local jazz and improvised music programming in and around Arlington, MA.   Initially, EulipiaJazz has received funding to help it establish an annual jazz series "The EulipiaJazz Concert Series" at the Arlington Center for the Arts.   These concerts will feature and showcase musicians from Arlington and the groups that they are associated with.   We will be looking for ways to collaborate to create performances that are unique and go beyond the usual concert conventions.   We will be looking for opportunities to include poets, visual artists, dancers, etc., to create en experience that will be memorable and bring them visability to attract a wider audience.

In addition to the annual conert series, EulipiaJazz will seek out venues where we can provide programming throughout the Arlington area.    Restaurants, galleries and other cultural spaces and events will be able to collaborate to bring great improvised music into their spaces branded under the EulipiaJazz banner.   For instance, a venue with a "cafe" format can set up a night for the "EulipiaJazz Cafe" at their venue.

EulipiaJazz is also about trying to help musicians and other artists find new models for presenting their work that help them navigate the changing music presentation and production environment.   The old models don't work anymore.   There are a dwindling number of venues and it is less and less likely that artists can sit back and wait for a scene to develop around them.   It is essential that we learn together how to create our own scene.   We live in an entrepeneurial world and we need to learn how to "self-produce" events and create opportunities to both perform and very importantly, to get paid.   Learning from models like forming collectives and collaboratives that allow groups of artists to rent venues and promote their activities to attract an audience is essential to understanding how to sustain our artforms, etc.